A real watchmaker

Do you have a watch that has stopped or needs to be repaired?

Then you have come to the right place. At Watchmaker Kvarneberg we are ready to take care of a wide range of repairs.

During the 10 years in business we have acquired the experience and contacts necessary to repair just about any type of watch or clock, big or small.

Visit us or send us your watch by post, and feel free to contact us beforehand so we can guide and advise you.

All watches need regular service – even Rolex, one of the most robust brands on the market. A watch that is worn out or not working quickly loses value.

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Just as a car needs regular service, so does your watch. Only by giving your watch a regular overhaul you can be sure that wear and tear is prevented, and the watch does not lose value. Service is usually needed once every 5 years, where we take the watch apart, thoroughly clean every part, put the mechanism back together again, oil it and regulate precision.
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To give a price estimate is not as easy as it sounds. There are many calibers of watches, and some take longer to repair than others. Our pricelist gives an overview of prices for each part of the repair process, however we can only give you the final price once we have seen the watch in our workshop. We can give an approximate price by phone or e-mail if you tell us the brand and caliber, as well as describe the problem in as much detail as possible. Price estimates are always free.
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Super service til tiden...
Super service til tiden... Pris var som aftalt. Reparationstiden var som aftalt. Alt var i orden.
Frank Fager
Utmärkt !!!
Min Citizen Aqualand som var utdömd av andra urmakare lämnade jag till Urmakare Kvarneberg. Efter en kort hanteringstid och till en mycket rimligt kostnad så fick jag tillbaka en fullt fungerande klocka. Kan varmt rekommendera Kvarneberg, i synnerhet i de fall, som i mitt, där din klocka anses av andra som "omöjligt" att laga.
En trovärdig och mycket duktig urmakare
Jag är mycket nöjd med den service Urmakare kvarnberg gav mig. Mycket snabb och proffesionell.
Leo T
Seriös urmakare med bra priser!
Snabb kommunikation, bra priser och väl utfört arbete! Tog dessutom inte betalt för felsökning och kostnadsförslag trots att jag tackade nej till en klocka. Jag är mycket nöjd och kommer att återvända! / Calle
Carl Magnus
Perfektion av ett proffs
Fantastiskt service, utfört arbete samt bemötande för att inte glömma det mycket bra priset. Jag kommer att skicka familjens övriga klockor till Johan i framtiden.

About Us

Whatchmaker Kvarneberg was established in 2010 by Johan Kvarneberg.

Today we are a team of four skilled employees and we all value good craftsmanship, a work well done.
We love watches and working with them every day.

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Why overhaul?

Just as a car needs regular service, so does your watch.

It goes for all brands, but especially those of high quality and value.
Even the most robust ones, e.g. Rolex, need to be serviced regularly.
Only by taking good care of your timepiece you can be sure that it will stay valuable for many years.

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