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Has the watch been scratched or no longer runs precisely?

No need to worry, we offer repairs of most kinds of watches and mechanisms.

Watch parts are incredibly small and interact at a certain rhythm and under pressure.

It is not advised to try to open the mechanism and tamper with it, as one risks doing more harm than good. Let us do the work for you, as we have gone through 4 years of formal training, and a lot of practice since: the most experienced of us have repaired watches approximately 18,200 hours over 10 years.

We have built experience with various types of mechanisms: from the smallest ladies’ watches to the massive Grandfather clocks you find in living rooms. Pocket watches, men’s watches, antique and vintage pieces – we have seen many.

We also know how to hand make parts for clocks that haven’t been produced since our great-grandparents were small.

How long does a repair take?

When we receive your watch we diagnose the problem, after which we contact you with the price estimate. Getting a price estimate is always free.

Once you approve the price, we do our job which normally takes 2 weeks.

During this time we repair and then observe the watch for a few days to make sure it runs as it should.

  • Handover

    Our workshop is situated in the old center of Elsinore (Helsingør) in Denmark. However we are not further away than your nearest post office or a courier collection point. We have a sysetm of return envelopes in case you are not sure how to send your watch.



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    Urmager Kvarneberg Aps

    Sudergade 33A
    3000 Helsingør

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    Telefon: 60 88 07 85

    Monday - friday: 9 AM – 3.00 PM