Here is why your watch needs regular overhaul

Just as a car needs regular service, so does your watch. It goes for all brands, but especially those of high quality and value.

Even the most robust ones, e.g. Rolex, need to be serviced regularly. Only by taking good care of your timepiece you can be sure that it will stay valuable for many years.

Come to the workshop every 5 years

Approximately every 5 years a watch needs a bigger service. This is when we take the watch apart completely, and thoroughly clean every part using various special machines and liquids. After that we assemble the watch again, treating it with the best and most expensive oils available on the market.

During a normal service we use up to 5 different types of greases and oils. During the adjustment process we ensure impeccable precision. Finally, we check o-rings and replace the ones that no longer serves its purpose.

Even if the watch goes normally and looks ok on the outside, it is not advisable to wait beyond 5 years. We often see watches that come in too late with significant wear and rust.

Once this has happened, one cannot be sure that the same degree of precision can be achieved again. The oil is the weakest link as it has a life cycle of 5 years. Unlike a car where oil circulates among the parts and through a filter, in a watch every bearing and part needs to be oiled separately and the oil stays in place no matter what happens to the mechanism.

A good watchmaker knows how important the process of applying oil is, and has spent many hours practicing and improving this skill.

We have made an overview of our services

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Ideally your watch needs to be pressure tested every year

As a rule a watch needs to be pressure tested every year. The standard is 10bar/100m or more. This goes for mechanical and battery driven watches alike.

Pressure testing means that a watch is placed in a pressure chamber, where it is subject to first vacuum and then pressure to make sure it can handle both. Many think that it is important to pressure test only if you swim or dive with your watch.

The truth is that a watch is constantly exposed to moisture when you wear it on your arm. Another important aspect is that the oil in the mechanism lasts longer the less oxygen it is exposed for. The o-rings protect the watch from dirt that can make the mechanism stop.

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