Watchmaker with experience

Repairs completed in our shop result in high quality each and every time. We offer one year’s guarantee on complete overhauls.

Certified professionals with many years of watchmaking expertise is your best guarantee for a quality repair. We take pride in staying up to date with current developments of our trade and new technology. Our technical experience and competitive prices have given us happy and loyal customers.

Our work is not only about making a living, but just as much about passion. Our hearts tick for the well-being of watch mechanisms, and you can be certain that your inherited or simply favourite timepiece will be in good hands here.


Rolex has been a leader in developing new watchmaking technology and design for many decades. This brand is truly one of a kind. It is sheer pleasure to work with Rolex watches and see how generous the developers were in its every detail in their production. However their generosity stops there. Rolex is particular in choosing their retailers and does not freely distribute spare parts. The consequence is that the few authorized dealers sustain high prices on service. We do our utmost to obtain original spare parts and keep reasonable prices, so that many can continue using these beautiful watches. When original parts are not available, we offer spare parts of comparable quality.

The most common issues with Rolex watches are caused by the fact that that they go too long without being properly serviced.  The o-rings that keep the watch waterproof wear out and open up for dust and rust. If the watch is serviced in time it usually does not need its parts changed in a very, very long time.

We offer service and restoration of cases for Rolex watches, as well as exchange of parts if they are available.


Omega is a well-known brand and has a wider customer circle than Rolex. When digital watches entered the market, the brand was not in demand for a couple of decades, however it is trending again. They are slowly beginning to make their own movements, but the ETA movements are still widely used. Omega follow Rolex’ strategy and limit the number of their authorized dealers, too. This means that customers have to pay a higher price for the maintenance of the same watch. Maybe some feel more exclusive, but most probably feel disappointed. Even here we try to push the limits.

We can order many spare parts for Omega watches, we offer maintenance service and case restorations.


Breitling has the same quality level as Omega, although some may say Omega is one bit higher. They do not produce their own movements but improve the movements they source in. Breitling has its own service center and channel all their repairs there in order not to sell spare parts to others. They certainly do a good job, however we have had customers who turn to us because the price of repair at the service center was unreasonably high, taken into consideration how few things had to be done. We see that monopolies seldom set prices that reflect the complexity of service.

We offer service and case restorations for Breitling watches, however only few spare parts can be ordered.