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At Watchmaker Kvarneberg, we offer precision repairs for a wide variety of watches and clocks at market-competitive prices, directly from our workshop. The watch or clock is sent by registered mail, making us readily available no matter where you are located. No repair is too big or too small, accuracy and competence being our most important criteria. Having only a specialized workshop and no store, allows us to spend time focusing on high-quality repairs and offer attractive prices to our customers.

Contact our workshop in Elsinore, Denmark today and allow us to fine-tune your favourite timepiece.

New address: Sudergade 33A 3000 Helsingør

We give one year warranty on our service or 8760 hours use, whatever happens first.

Personal service

There are many centralized watchmaking workshops, but few of them offer service to private customers. We do. By sending your watch to us you can be sure that we have the time it takes to meticulously diagnose, repair, reassemble and quality-control the mechanism for you.


By not having a store in town we keep prices slim and have time for innovation and customer contact. Order our free return envelope, specially designed for shipment of watches, by filling out the contact form.

Feedback from our costumers

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There are many reasons to why your watch isn’t working as it should, or your striking clock is on a strike. At Watchmaker Kvarneberg we will find the exact cause of the problem and fix it. You will not be paying for curing the symptoms. Contact us today and let us put your timepiece back into shape!

Genuine parts

It may be challenging to find genuine parts for antique pieces, and sometimes they have to be manufactured in order to secure a perfect match. At Watchmaker Kvarneberg we have many years’ experience and we know where to order genuine parts or how to manufacture parts that have to be replaced. We only use top-quality parts making sure that the value of your watch is not compromised.

Urmager Johan Kvarneberg

Sct. Knuds vej 7, st.
DK-3000 Helsingør

Perfekt repair of old Soviet Chronometer

Thanks for perfekt service and excellent communication. I am very pleased and I will recommend you to other.


Patient, expert, professional

Johan has been great with servicing my vintage Hi-beat Grand Seiko. He answered my questions (very important to keep a customer's mind at rest) and helped with a number of other aspects of ownership of this vintage timepiece. The watch now runs perfectly and is losing 1 or 2 seconds over 24 hours, considering it was made in March 1969 this is superlative. I can highly recommend Johan to anyone who requires an extra level of service.

Mr Joel Uden

Omega Speedsonic Service

Very good service of an unsual chronograph movement. Even the Chornograph part was serviced. Competitive price. Can very much recommend!


Price efficient and client oriented

I inherited 4 old watches from my grand-dad, restoring them was foremost an affective matter to me but at the end such a work comes witha a price tag. UR's business model (reasonable price without work quality loss) made it possible to bring these watches back to life. Johan might not be the most talkative person in the world but he listens and does what he says: which is ways above today's business standards! Truly happy that I found UR and warmly recommend them! Bertrand (Stockholm-based frenchman)